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Financial Fitness

CHOC’s Financial Fitness Workshops empower individuals to strive for financial independence.  Workshops are structured to work with clients in a group setting or one-on-one to discuss the importance of setting short and long term financial goals and to create a plan to achieve their financial vision.  The workshops include managing credit/debt; improving credit scores; transitioning from renting to buying; how to develop a functional budget; and individual coaching answering questions about the home buying process.  The trainings focus on providing basic financial information and education which helps the participant’s understand how their actions and decisions can build bridges to their desired financial goals.

Being client directed makes financial coaching inherently empowering to clients with a goal of increasing the confidence and self-esteem of service recipients. CHOC provides personalized resources and tools for individuals to understand and manage their personal finances and to create a plan to be able to successfully buy a home, create a business or invest in continuous educational opportunities.  The program works in partnership with municipalities, financial institutions and community partners that offer financial support for low-income families to build assets.

Homeownership Counseling

CHOC’s First Time Homebuyer Program assists low to moderate income families with the process of purchasing a first home. CHOC emphasizes asset building, planning for homeownership, and connects and assists buyers with downpayment assistance programs. These services are offered through a combination of informational workshops, community referrals and individual coaching. CHOC provides buyers with information about home loan products, assists buyers with meeting lending requirements and obtaining financing they can afford.