Tuscany Villas

Youth and Family Services

CHOC facilitates user-driven youth and family services, responding to urgent community needs and unprecedented socio-economic conditions.

The Youth and Family Services Program is responsive to the unique needs of CHOC residents at every property. CHOC strives to empower residents to improve their quality of life, build better lifestyles and meet respective property residency requirements.

Each Youth and Family Services Program is designed to meet that community’s unique needs, based upon community findings and an official Health and Community Assessment. This assessment examines a community’s employment, financial management/budgeting, social services, educational, community service, recreational and crisis needs.  On-site programs and activities are tailored to meet broad resident interest and the immediate needs of each property.

CHOC is human-centric, working with youth and families to create an environment of trust and possibility.

Community connection is critical to delivering the most effective and relevant services; Youth and Family Service Coordinators facilitate resident meetings, support groups and invite speakers on topics such as financial fitness, parenting, substance abuse and family wellness. Monthly activities include movie nights, bingo, seasonal/cultural celebrations and potluck dinners. Volunteer opportunities are also available via after-school enrichment programs, computer labs, monthly youth/adult/family activities and special events like Family Wellness Fairs.

CHOC’s after-school enrichment programs are conducted in a classroom-style setting, emphasizing rules, boundaries, homework and computer literacy. These programs also impart communication skills, cooperation and esteem-building through individual tutoring, crafts, games and other recreational activities. After-school enrichment programs are facilitated by youth and family services assistants and America Reads Federal Work Study students from California State University, Sacramento.

Other community services and support for residents may include on-site emergency food banks, clothes exchange programs, summer lunch programs, resume workshops, job referrals, financial fitness and first-time home buying programs. Youth and Family Services Coordinators continually work to develop and enhance critical community relationships with local service providers, making appropriate referrals to public and private agencies within the local service area when necessary.

CHOC’s approach is helping one family at a time, encouraging greater personal aspiration and achievement.

Each CHOC Youth and Family Services Coordinator has established office hours, provides necessary referrals/follow-up to ensure each household maintains good community standing and they meet with residents, families and property management staff to design a plan for success. Youth and Family Services Coordinators also provide resident conflict resolution and advise residents of problems and behaviors that may put housing and/or residency at risk. The Youth and Family Services Program celebrates the success of residents and families when they achieve their goals; CHOC’s goal is to help families along a healthy continuum, from crisis and chaos to safety, stability and self-sufficiency, by working with youth and family services and other supportive service agencies.